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Welcome to My Digital Kinkdom you have been warned... #DesertDomDiva ready to bring your fetish fantasy to life! The Pandemic has changed US all, Be mindful betas... I'm a Professional Dominatrix, Fetish Model/Producer, & Educator based in Arizona. I travel often and enjoy it. I have a wide variety of interests within BDSM/Fetish Kink. With over a decade of experience in the lifestyle, I have knowledge in many areas & love to learn more every single day.

Always One of a Kind

No two sessions are ever alike. I feed off of your energy in My sessions. The chemistry between you and Me is what will make this a wonderful time together where W/we will create an amazing scene that you will want to keep going. I welcome you to come back and feed your dark desires with Me. I create R.A.C.K/S.S.C. playspaces within private homes, commercial dungeons, and upscale hotels pending on where in the world I am.


I am a Female Dominatrix & fetish model. Not to mention, a big flirt & tease with dangerous curves. I'm 5'10" barefoot but I am rarely without heels. I have dark hair & hazel brown eyes. Born and raised on the west coast, I am an all-American girl, but I am of Scandinavian-Jamaican ethnicity. I am the one & only Arizona's #DesertDomDiva Herself. I am a True life Amazon Goddess to be worshiped, adored, and obeyed. I am always learning & working on improvements to what I do because I love what I do & do what I love.


Learning & growing within My fetish is a great passion of mine. You will soon discover there is nothing you can fantasize about that is too taboo, as nothing really shocks Me. There are no judgments here and I enjoy imagination and creativity. I live for your willingness to take the pain that I deliver. It is your pain that puts the sinister smile on My face. Since, W/we both know it's your hearts' desire to worship, pamper, and humble yourself at My feet, then your proceedings will be a true reflection of that. I see Men, Women, couples, newbies, experienced players, as well as gender-expansive folks.


Always understand that I will direct you or your fantasy to please Me. I like those who are obedient, know their place, and use proper Dom etiquette when addressing Me. If you seek correction, punishment, or just a caring compassionate Woman who understands your fetish, fantasy, and kink, then look no further. My playstyle ranges according to whom I am playing because I play off the of your energy during the session.

Types of Interest for Chat/Cam or Custom Clips

Impact Play

OTK spanking, flogging, whipping, caning


Tease & denial, chastity, CFNM, O-control, verbal tease with humiliation, masturbation restriction/instruction

Role Play

Mommy/child, teacher/student, Mistress/slave, Boss Bitch/employee, bratty/bully school girl & humiliated school kid, street clothes humiliation, and whatever else strikes My fancy


Animal, sissy, servicing, slave, domestic discipline, corporal punishment, key holding/chastity


Foot, Legs, Ass, and or full body

All types of humiliation & degradation

A verbal abuse, bitch-slapping, spitting, human furniture, doormat, caged animal, human trash can

Don't see your fetish? Just ask when sending your request.

I'm available daily from 9 AM to 8 PM (Mar - Nov PST ~ Nov - Mar MST) Therefore, if you want early morning or late night sessions you must pay an additional fee. Never forget in My presence, that you are a gift to ME. You exist to amuse, entertain, worship, and adore ME. This is not negotiable it is how things are. You are to offer yourself to Me; mind, body, and soul for the time that you are with Me via text, phone call, or webcam. My sessions are only limited by your fears, which will be PUSHED, TEST & CHALLENGE.


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